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Audrey Frameless Standing Jewelry Cabinet

Audrey Frameless Standing Jewelry Cabinet

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The Yokukina Audrey Frameless Standing Jewelry Cabinet is an ideal storage and organization solution for those who want to keep their jewelry organised, secure, and easily accessible. Its large frameless mirror gives you view of the entire cabinet and its contents. This cabinet boasts extra-large capacity, with plenty of room for all your jewelry items, while the lockable cabinet ensures your precious items remain secure. Quick to assemble, the cabinet is also sturdy and secure, providing you with peace of mind. So keep your jewelry organised and secure with the Yokukina Audrey Frameless Standing Jewelry Cabinet.

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  • Weight: 12.5 kg
  • Size: 36*36*155 cm
  • 1 Special Ring holder
  • 1 Bracelet Bar
  • 5-layer Cosmetic Shelves
  • 36pc Necklace hooks
  • 174pc Earring Slot

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Is this cabinet easy to assemble and set up?

The Yokukina Audrey Cabinet is designed to be quick and straightforward to assemble. Many customers find the assembly process manageable and user-friendly.

Is the cabinet suitable for both personal and professional use?

While designed for personal use, the Yokukina Audrey Cabinet's features, such as the large mirror and extra-large capacity, make it suitable for personal use and can also be a practical addition for professional jewelry storage.

Does this jewelry cabinet come with a warranty?

Does this jewelry cabinet come with a warranty?

Can the cabinet be easily moved or relocated once assembled?

While the cabinet is typically designed for stationary use, it can be moved or relocated if needed. However, its large size and weight may require some effort during the process.